About Us

For two decades, feathers have been our passion. As a husband and wife team, we've built Feather Planet from our love for these beautiful natural wonders, inspired by the stunning scenery of Swansea Bay.

About Feather Planet.

Welcome to our site.  We've been supplying feathers online for over twenty years, building a reputation for quality on platforms like Etsy, Ebay and Amazon.

We take pride in offering one of the UK's most extensive feather selections. We source stunning decorative feathers locally and worldwide, ensuring you have a vast array to choose from. Our commitment extends beyond just feathers – we're passionate about responsible sourcing and creating high-quality products you'll love.

About our feathers

Eco friendly feathers.

Our feathers are beautiful and sustainable!  We source them from eco-friendly suppliers within the poultry industry, ensuring they're responsibly collected and not discarded.

Safe clean feathers.

We go the extra mile! Especially for imported feathers, we ensure they undergo thorough sanitation and veterinary checks. This unwavering commitment means you can always trust Feather Planet for safe, high-quality feathers.

With our extensive selection and commitment to quality, we're confident you'll find feathers you'll love.

More about us

Who knew feathers would launch me on a 20-year crafting adventure? Now I'm hooked on creating unique jewellery and hair clips. But my creative toolbox doesn't stop there – I love the precision of paper crafting, the cozy comfort of knitting, and the mental workout of a jigsaw puzzle (especially with a glass of wine and some tunes!).


Always in my craft room

My artistic adventure began alongside Karen. I hunted for feathers, fueling her creative fire. Soon enough, I discovered a whole flock of crafters yearning for the same vibrant materials. That's when my passion took flight!

Now, feathers of every size and kind fill my world. I meticulously sort through them, ensuring each one is a masterpiece in its own right.

But beyond feathers, I'm a well-rounded soul. When I'm not elbow-deep in plumage, you'll find me pumping iron at the gym, watching the footie and enjoying a good pint.


In the pub (I wish)

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