Feather Earrings

Part of our feather jewellery range

We stock a great selection of feather earrings in every colour of the rainbow.  If you want big and bold, we have it.  If you want floaty and subtle, we stock that too!  Our prices are very competitive and our designs are unique.  Our feather earrings are handmade or hand finished.  Come, take a look at our fabulous range.

Bright and Floaty

Mardi Gras inspired feather earrings.  Handmade using three floaty goose feathers attached to a silver chain.  Just £8.99 for the pair.

Fun and Fabulous

These goose and ringneck feather earrings are our latest designs.  Other shades are also available.  Just £5.99.

Classy and Traditional

These are made from stunning black feathers and feature classy gold detail.  We also stock this style of feather earring in other classic shades.  Just £5.99.

Ensuring Perfection

As we are specialists in the sale of feathers, we can assure you that nothing gets sold that doesn't pass our quality control.   Our feather earrings are always balanced however, no two pairs may be the same. 

We mainly use feathers that include peacock, goose, rooster, guinea fowl and pheasant.  We offer all the shades you can think of.

All of our feathers cleansed and sanitsed.  We also use eco-friendly suppliers. Except for natural moulting, all the feathers we sell are by-products of other industries. They would have otherwise been thrown away.

Latest Additions

Black and Gold Feather Earrings with Beaded Tribal Detail


Orange Mango Feather Earrings with Goose and Ringneck Feathers


Royal Blue Feather Earrings - 2 Feathers per Gold Earring


White Feather Earrings with Goose and Ringneck Feathers