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Indulge in our collection of the highest quality feathers, boasting a kaleidoscope of colours that will ignite your imagination. Whether you seek loose feathers for crafting magic or crave exquisite, handmade feather jewellery and accessories, we have you covered.

Find your perfect piece and let your creativity soar!

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    Hand-picked perfection for your creations:

    Explore our curated collection of premium-quality feathers and meticulously selected for their vibrant colours, exceptional durability, and endless creative possibilities

    Sustainable luxury: 

    Our feathers are sourced from eco-friendly suppliers, ensuring minimal environmental impact and responsible practices. All feathers, except naturally moulted are reclaimed byproducts, minimizing waste

    Best sellers

    Instantly Elevate Your Creations: Dive into our best-selling feathers

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    Marabou Feathers

    Let your imagination soar with our vibrant feather collection! Explore dozens of colours and three sizes (small, medium, large) to create something truly unique

    Ostrich feather in colours pink, lilac, lime green and turquoise

    Ostrich Feathers

    Dive into a vibrant spectrum of colours and explore sizes ranging from petite 5 inches to majestic 14 inches. 

    Find the perfect plume for your project.

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    Millinery Feathers

    Transform Your Hats with Ready-to-Use Feathers: 

    Browse our collection today and discover the perfect finishing touch for your millinery creations.

    Treat yourself to something special!

    Transform Your Look with Feathers! Elevate your style with our unique collection of handcrafted feather creations. Whether you're seeking a show-stopping hair piece for a special event or a unique necklace to add everyday flair, we offer the perfect piece to express your individuality and confidence.


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    Buy with confidence

    We pride ourselves on sourcing the most unique and rare feathers from around the world. We are very mindful of legal regulations, and always make sure that our feathers are accompanied with all relevant documentation to ensure they are safe to use.

    Our feathers are also veterinary checked at UK Border Inspection Posts where a CVED document is issued to us. This means that the feathers we supply to you are not only safe to use they comply with all safety laws and regulations. 

    We offer you complete piece of mind that by purchasing from us, not only you are getting the best quality we can offer, you are getting a standard of service that, we believe, surpasses all other suppliers.

    New Collection Alert! Feather Hair Pieces, Jewellery & Keepsakes to Adorn & Treasure.