Feather Planet

Welcome to our shop made out of feathers

Why choose our feathers?
Our range of feathers have been hand selected. This ensures you get the best quality available.
Our feathers are sourced from eco-friendly suppliers. Except for natural moulting, all the feathers we sell are by-products of other industries. They would have otherwise been thrown away.
We sometimes import those rare and hard to find feathers from outside of the EU. We always ensure they are accompanied with sanitisation documents that comply with UK law. Our feathers are now also veterinary checked at UK Border Posts where are CVED document is issued to us. This means that the feathers we supply to you are safe to use, they are now able to freely be used and sold across the UK.
We offer you complete piece of mind that by purchasing from us. Not only you are getting the best quality we can offer, you are getting a standard of service. We are certain, surpasses all other suppliers.