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  1. New and usual shades.

    We've been super busy lately listening to our customers and adding new shades of ostrich feathers.  As well as popular pale pink and blue feathers, we also now stock unusual shades.  Dusky rose pink and pale sea blue, for example.

    Pink and blue ostrich feathers

    Zig Zag Cut Feathers

    Sometimes the odd of one of our grade A feathers doesn't quite meet our quality control.  This doesn't mean they get thrown out though.  We trim them down and carefully cut a zig zag pattern down the plume.  Perfect for adding to a hat.  These measure between 8 and 10 inches.  They'll make a fantastic statement for any millinery project.

    Assorted trimmed ostrich feather

    Visit our full range of full and trimmed ostrich feathers.

  2. If you've discovered our latest news update then you're looking for ideas on feathers.

    We're hoping to help you discover how fantastic peacock feathers are. They have so many uses but here we're covering how feathers can be used in weddings.
    Have you heard the phrase "blue green should never been seen, except with something in between"? If so then the humble peacock feather makes a fantastic choice.
    Due to the feather shades of blues and green, pretty much any other colour can look fabulous.
    Below is an example of how an aqua wedding shade co-ordinates with the peacock plume.
    Peacock feathers displayed as a table center piece

    Check out our peacock feathers we have available for you to buy today.
    Peacock feathers also look fantastic matched with purple.
    See how this bride has added the plumes with her table number displays as well as in the buttonholes.
    Peacock feathers in a wedding button hole
    Of course, if you don't fancy having  go yourself or you're pushed for time, check out our buttonholes.
    Finally, did you know that peacock feathers come in dyed shades. Check out some of the shades we stock.